PROJECT 1X4G is a project to think about applications of new sciences that are being researched and ways that we could improve them and use them this page is only  made to think about these ideas not to distribute facts. This page is only my research about these topics so if somthings wrong email:

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The ulitmate Computer

We could use a system that has a neuromorphic chip attached and a CPU (Von Neumann architecture) as well as a quantum chip connected up to neurons grown to interact with the different types of chips this could create a thing that could think and process in every way possible a ‘SUPER BRAIN’. I want to grow a rack of neuron-controlled chips and connect them all up to create a hive of mini-brains. Also, the brain can communicate with an output which is amplified current from the neurons like TDCS a device but sending brain electrical signals and also use brain electrical scans to send signals to the neurons to allow it to learn how to interact with the brain because it creates a input and output to the brain.Also quantum computers allow multiple things to be processed at once so if neutral link attached one to our brain would we be able to read 10 books at once for example. Also if we mapped specific neural clusters and then ran simulation the the neurons connecting a different human up to a nuro interface could the brain learn to use that cluster or will it be not work. if it did it would prove that all brain signals are universally understood by all brains impacting that there is a specific structure to them and if we genetically modify muscle cells to have nuro recepors could use Psilocybin on then to create stable cells mucles instantly because when they work on the brain they produce stable neuro connections instantly even if the effects are not as expected it would be worth exploring basically if we can recaate nero genis on other cells then it could lead to increased cell production of any type.

My Ideas about genetic modification

We can replace the DNA in any virus to add DNA to a cell for example If we replaced the DNA inside or added new genes to a bacteriophage could we create 'super bacteria' with extremely advanced DNA? Also, lots and lots of ethical issues are created when it comes to creating "superbacteria" or superanything. Another thing I was wondering if that could you use a bacteriophage to modify a mitochondria because mitochondria can self-replicate and are about the size of a cell couldn't you use a bacteriophage to add genes to the DNA of the part of the cell thus genetically modifying a human on a smaller scale now. You could use a Bacteria and bacteriophage to add new DNA to old peoples DNA to allow them to regenerate because as you age DNA splits also, If we change carbohydrate chains then the virus will not be able to attach to the cell to create immunity to all types of viruses until they evolve. We can grow meat and infect with the virus that we have put our new DNA in to mass-produce it. If we combine my virus that inserts DNA with Crispr-Cas9 we can add and replace DNA.

In fact, such methods are already used in biological research and several therapies. Here's some potential starting points, if you want to read up on it:

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