Medieval Dining Hall  Project


My finalised idea for my project is to produce a dinning hall based of a range of different reference images of halls for the time period. 
The Plan Is to try to put enough detail in to make a authentic look so as part of this stain glass windows and other small details are important. 
For this project I am going to need to make a range of assets this includes tables, chairs, chandeliers and pillars as well as knives, forks and plates. 
This scene is historically informative because it accurately shows representations of historical furniture and utensils based of references.  The windows are made to be accurate to real stain glass windows because I used photos of stain glass windows from real world historical buildings as textures for the windows. Most major castles at the time would have had a hall like this to host functions and events. 
For this project I’m going to need to produce textures of warn wood for a realistic look to furniture and wooden parts of the structure also I will have to make textures for the walls and windows that look high resolution. 
This project fits into the project criteria of being a “window into the past” as it provides accuracy to the historical era.